Indielayer UIIndielayer UI

Getting Started

Tailwind CSS UI components for Vue.js 3 / Nuxt.js 3. Build and prototype fast web applications.

Quickstart a new Vue 3 or Nuxt 3 project

This following command will install and execute @indielayer/create-ui, the official Indielayer UI project scaffolding tool. You will be presented with prompts for a number of optional features such as TypeScript.

? Project type: › - Use arrow-keys. Return to submit.
❯   Vue 3
    Nuxt 3

Manual guide

1. Install via package manager

  • npm
  • yarn
  • pnpm

2. Setup TailwindCSS

If you do not have Tailwind CSS 3 installed in your project, please see the Tailwind 3 Vite install guide here before proceeding.

Add Indielayer Tailwind CSS preset tailwind.preset.js to your Tailwind CSS configuration file tailwind.config.js and purge css configurations.

3. Load the UI in your project

Load on a Vue 3 project

Load on a Nuxt 3 project

4. (optional) Load only the components you want